Three things can change the world: human, good idea, and hard work.

With the power that we get from production, we combine the speed and flexibility that we have with innovation. Under the leadership of the our founder Mr. İrfan Gökler who opened this path way for us, everyday we are moving forward with our better and open to innovation vision.

Stronger than the others

With the experience and knowledge that Mr. Gökler has, we are working to create solutions for our valuable business partners and more sustainable World. Today we are manufacturing sinker and needle for the every Textile knitting machines at every point of the World and we are proud of it. With our experienced staff, under the principle of durableness and innovation, we are adding value to the sector by being first and only in Turkey, and by being one of the prominent in the World.

Our Istanbul Office


Çiftehavuzlar Cad. 1. Zer San. Sit. B Blok No: 25/R Bayrampaşa - Istanbul / Turkey

Contact information

+90 212 613 40 97

Our Factory


Cumhuriyet Mah. Yeni San. Alanı 555. Sok. No: 5 Babaeski - Kırklareli / Turkey

Contact information

+90 288 512 06 89