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As a Atlas Sinker&Needle, with our quality products, high R&D and P&D ability and fast production lines we continue to be solution partner to our partners both in national and global market.



With our high R&D and P&D power and customer needs focused product vision, we generate special solutions for you and increase work efficiency.


With the quality and trust policy that we have created; from order to production, from production to shipment, from shipment to customer satisfaction…


Expert Staff

Since the day Atlas Sinker&Needle was founded, we have been executing our production with leading expert, knowledgeable, successful and dynamic worker staff.

Special Production
for every need

Small details like improving the production quality to further and producing products that can not be produced by rival producers create big differences.

As Atlas Sinker&Needle, we understand your needs and collaborate with you for your special production knitting sinkers and knitting needles suitable for your needs with our experienced and expert production staff. With the special solutions that produced by our company, we help you to;

  • Reduce your wastage rate and improve your current production quality and costs.
  • By increasing product speed of your machines, improve your current product capacity.
  • To manufacture fabrics that can not be produced by using standard knitting sinker and needle.
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High Quality

Every single product that manufactured, from purchase of raw material to packing, gets checked at every stage of the production and our tests and analyzes have done with great care. All our processes are secured with the quality standards that accepted worldwide.

◎    Circular Knitting Sinker and Needles
◎    Socks Knitting Sinker and Needles
◎    Flat Knitting Sinker and Needles

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Atlas Sinker Needle

Inspiring Success

Since the day Atlas Sinker&Needle was founded, under the purpose of producing sinker and needles for Textile machines needed in our sector, with increasing of technology and needs we have improved.

Today, as a first and only knitting sinker manufacturer in Turkey, we have taken our place in prominent brands among World.



As a Atlas family, we take justified pride of contributing to future of our country. To experience this pride, you can join us.

We are all over the world!

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Our Istanbul Office


Çiftehavuzlar Cad. 1. Zer San. Sit. B Blok No: 25/R Bayrampaşa - Istanbul / Turkey

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+90 212 613 40 97


Our Factory


Cumhuriyet Mah. Yeni San. Alanı 555. Sok. No: 5 Babaeski - Kırklareli / Turkey

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+90 288 512 06 89